All SPREC Operators have completed a series of intensive training courses, which are not available commercially and are designed to enhance individual and team skills sets and a generic standard operating procedure.


This develops a cohesive operational team and ensures quality assurance to clients.


All individuals within the team have previous commercial and corporate experience interacting as large or small teams, conducting sophisticated covert surveillance operations for wide ranging clients worldwide.


Although the majority of the team originate from military and government backgrounds, operationally it is important to bring balance, and civilian operators with exceptional skill sets enhance the team to provide operational diversity.


Our team's composition consists of diverse age groups; including highly trained younger operators who are able to blend into environments that other operators could not achieve without arousing suspicion.


This unique skill set enables our team to operate covertly in a fast changing and complex environment.


This balanced dynamic of male and female Operators of all ages and various ethnic origin, allows a flexible and proactive deployment capability against sophisticated subjects. 

To keep integrity and avoid professional contamination, our operators have minimal contact with any clients. 


SPREC update live direct to the client with critical information.


SPREC give a full debrief with any photography, data or recordings.


SPREC will also provide a detailed log, especially designed to be usable in court, if required.

We have built an excellent reputation working in both private and corporate sectors.


With our exceptionally high standards of training and professionalism on the ground, we ensure objectives are completed.


Privacy and confidentiality are top priority.

The planning of any operation is paramount to success.


We take pride in our profession and would never go into a task without having a stringent plan in place.


We can deploy on any task with minimal warning without loss of quality in the planning phase.

Detailed De-Brief
Precision Operation
Detailed Planning