Case Studies

The client required protective coverage of a foreign high net worth individual and his family due to a previous kidnap threat.


Although the head of the family was aware of the protection, it was task critical that the remainder of the family remained unaware of our presence to minimise any impact on their normal daily lives.


The family were to be protected on a 24hr basis.


A covert protective team was deployed for 18 months without detection by the family.


The team provided protection on all properties and daily movements of the family.


The team also liaised with local law enforcement agencies to facilitate a quick response in the event of any incidents.

C O V E R T  P R O T E C T I V E  O P E R AT I O N


C O U N T E R  T E R R O R I S T  O P E R AT I O N

A premiership football club required a covert asset to identify any terrorist threat to the football club on home match days.


This was a result of the increased terrorist threat to major sporting events.


The coverage could not be provided by police agencies due to manpower.


A small covert team was deployed to the stadium during every home match.


The team was responsible for identifying and profiling any possible hostile reconnaissance in the area of the stadium and therefore preventing any attack in the planning stages.


Even though no terrorist threat was identified over a period of 2 seasons, the team were successful in identifying and reporting various threats including;


• Drug dealers operating on the premises.


• Counterfeit merchandise sellers


• Extensive list & photographic evidence of ticket touts operating in the stadium.


The team reported directly to the head of security, and also conducted security awareness training for stadium security and staff.

C O U N T E R P R E S S / PA P  O P E R AT I O N

A high-profile worldwide celebrity was travelling abroad on holiday with family & friends and didn't want any press or paparazzi attention for the duration of the holiday.


The client also required close protection.


A personal close protection officer (CPO) and a counter surveillance team were deployed.


The CPO conducted standard protection duties, whilst the counter surveillance team successfully infiltrated local sources in order to gain prior knowledge of press locations and intentions.


They were then able to inform the CPO of any press movements in order to keep the client one step ahead of any press attempts to gain photographs.


No press photographs of the client were gained for the duration of the holiday.

C O V E R T  S U R V E I L L A N C E  O P E R AT I O N

The client company had recently given notice to one of its leading executives.


Under the terms of notice the executive was forbidden to associate with any previous clients or certain ex colleagues.


The client company had a suspicion that this may happen and result in the ‘poaching’ of clients and colleagues into a new company headed by the ex-executive in question.


A covert surveillance team was deployed to the offices of the client in order to place the executive under surveillance directly after his final meeting with the company.


Over the course of 14 days the executive attended a number of meetings with former clients and colleagues.


The surveillance team gained photographic evidence of these meetings.


This resulted in a breach of the terms of notice and saved the client company in excess of £2m in severance payments.


A senior City of London executive required protection for himself and his young family after his identity had been disclosed in the national press.


The individual was receiving serious threats from disgruntled ex-employees and also from the public.


A protection team was deployed which included close protection officers for the family and also a covert protective team.


While the CPO’s provided protection in close proximity to the family, the covert protective team operated in all surrounding areas and were able to give early warning and identify any threat moving into critical areas at an early stage.


Any threats were reported directly to CPO’s who were then able to take appropriate action.


The team was deployed for a duration of 3 months both in UK and abroad.


During this time a number of threats to the family were identified and neutralised, 2 of which resulted in arrests by foreign law enforcement agencies.


The client, a FTSE 100 company, were conducting a merger with another leading company.


The client company believed that leading executives may be placed under surveillance by a foreign based rival company in order to gain knowledge of the merger.


They also required electronic sweeps of all critical meetings to confirm and neutralise any hostile listening devices present.


A counter-surveillance team and a technical counter measures team were deployed.


The technical team conducted electronic sweeps of all meeting venues and also deployed portable electronic jamming devices to counter any hostile listening devices.


This allowed all meetings to be conducted with 100% confidence of confidentiality.


The counter-surveillance team provided coverage for client executives and identified the presence of hostile surveillance at foreign government level.


Once the hostile surveillance was identified, the client company with the assistance of the counter surveillance team were able to conduct a mis-information operation, which resulted in the merger being finalised without rival interference.