We pride ourselves in having the best and most sophisticated surveillance teams to achieve the highest of expectations.

Covert Surveillance

SPREC provide sophisticated surveillance teams, employing highly trained and experienced operators, using the latest imagery and covert communications equipment, in order to achieve our objectives. Our operators have all completed intensive training courses, not available commercially, that are benchmarked against the tradecraft and intelligence gathering methods employed by the Intelligence Services.

During operations we employ a standard operating procedure for all operators, and our ethos is to gain detailed intelligence on the subject of surveillance in order to give a maximum return for our clients' financial outlay.

Our high level of training and experience allows us to employ these methods whilst retaining a covert posture.

Our operators are males and females from diverse age and ethnic groups (many with language skills), this allows us to operate in environments that other surveillance teams/operators may not be able to blend into effectively.

We have varied surveillance platforms and technical equipment at our disposal in order to achieve our aims in a fast changing and complex environment; all operations are controlled via licensed covert communications and are commanded by an experienced Team Leader. 


Counter Surveillance


Do you think you may have been placed under surveillance by a team or an individual?


Is a corporate competitor attempting to gain information about your business activities?


You may want to protect an asset or person, with or without their knowledge, or maybe you think you may be under threat?


Counter-Surveillance and Protective Surveillance is a specialized field that involves our teams, identifying the people that may be watching, or posing a threat to a person or asset. SPREC deploy highly specialized covert teams in order to identify whether a client or asset has been placed under surveillance. Our Operators are specially trained in methods that will lead a surveillance, reconnaissance team, or criminal element to compromise themselves to us without their knowledge. 

80% of our Operators are multi-skilled and hold SIA Close Protection Officer licenses. This unique skill set allows us to produce a complete protective solution for your personal security requirements. 

Urban Ops

SPREC can deploy teams in the urban environment which are sustainable for up to 5 days and nights at a time.

This is achievable by our operatives that have served in the military as reconnaissance commanders and sniper team leaders, qualified as trained observers.

Unlike other surveillance types, these are generally static positions with good viewing angles to cover large areas and or a specific site, with the operators observing 24 hrs a day.

This is effective and completely covert with added aids of long range optics and enhanced night vision capabilities.

With quick and reactive extraction plans in place in the unlikely event of compromise.

Recently operators have deployed to a rural area in the UK and have been undetected, while providing vital HD photographs and recordings to the client.



Our Close Protection Officers, both male and female, are unique in their field in that, they are also highly trained and experienced counter-surveillance and protective surveillance operators. This not only allows them to identify potential threats to a Principle at an early stage, but also provides the flexibility of employing effective low profile protection to their Principle. All hold current SIA qualifications and licenses and have conducted operations in hostile environments such as China, Middle East and Africa, as well as the U.K. and other worldwide locations. Their experience allows them to conduct comprehensive and realistic risk assessments in order to provide the best possible protection for a Principle. Whether the protection you require is overt or low profile, our CPO's can accommodate your requirements.


Technical Services


Our technical Operators will be able to give specialized advice in your 'best' course of action with regard to technical services. These services are highly sensitive and are discussed on 'one to one' basis with potential clients. If you feel that you may require a technical device of some kind, contact us via the contact form and a meeting will be arranged at your convenience.


Our Technical Services include:

  • Bug hunting

  • Technical surveys

  • Electronic countermeasures

  • Tracking

  • Technical Surveillance and Intelligence Gathering

  • Cyber Forensics