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Although SPREC an operational organization, we obviously need to re-enforce our Operators from time to time. Therefore, we offer a series of sophisticated covert surveillance courses to potential operators aspiring to gain the relevant knowledge and skills of this specialist sector within the security industry. 


A company we work very closely with was the first commercial organisation to provide this training at Level 4 standard. Since then, many training organisations have copied our methods and offer similar, but inferior, training packages. 


The 14 day Advanced Operational Surveillance Course provides students with an unprecedented level of expertise, and also an academic qualification in operational surveillance.


The Course can be completed in 14 consecutive days or can be split into 3 modules comprising of three short 5 day courses:


  • Basic Operational Foot & Mobile Surveillance

  • Counter Surveillance & Anti Surveillance Methods & Techniques

  • Advanced Operational Foot & Mobile Surveillance (includes Intelligence Tradecraft, and all Public Transport)


Each module holds the award of a level 4 certificate. Students are able to complete each module separately and on completion of all three modules (within 1 year), will result in the award of the Advanced Operational Surveillance qualification.


This mode of delivery provides a high degree of flexibility to meet the different needs of potential operators.

We are confident that the

Advanced Operational Surveillance Course is unmatched by any other courses available in this specialist field.

Training Packages

We also provide a 1, 2, or 3 day Surveillance Awareness and Detection courses, for organisations that may require their security staff to be trained to a higher level of awareness in order to combat threats ranging from low level criminal activity up to sophisticated surveillance organisations, and anti terrorist over watch.


This can be conducted at the client organisation location and comes at a set price for anything between 6 to 12 staff at a time.


We also offer bespoke training to groups or organisations that can be tailored to meet specific needs.


Please contact us with any questions with reference to your training requirements.